About us

If you are looking for a residence in which your family and yourself
could live and relax in a healthy and comfortable way, we are here to
help you to fulfill your plans and expectations.
Our company offers you a house built on a wooden frame. Professionally
selected structure and material combinations will assure you that the
final product will carry most of the features reflecting the idea of a
warm, biological, comfortable and healthy house. A greater amount of
wood in any building creates a positive environment  in the sense of
heat regulation, that is  far beyond any other modern material. The
great amount of heat and solar energy that is accumulated in wooden
materials should also be considered as a huge advantage, so the idea
of a timber construction should appear by itself.
Our wooden frame houses allows to unite 3 main criterias, which are
warmth, health and an affordable price and to avoid the high heat
conductivity and deformations of wood resulting of the external damp
variations comparing to log houses.
We offer our clients to choose their own details for outdoor sheeting
: stonework, roughcast, various wooden weatherboardings or plastic and
concrete sidings, freelly. Our engineers will offer you technical
solutions for any of your ideas and our skilled craftsmen will carry
out those solutions with a 2mm tolerance precision.
We would be very glad if you would decide to  tell us your thoughts
and expectations on your dream house. Let’s build it together!